An interior design project is a plan for an intervention that requires construction, such as removing or adding walls; changing floor layouts; changing water, sewer, or electric installation; changing flooring, wall claddings, ceiling finishes, or insulation; and other similar jobs. Often, interventions in kitchens and bathrooms require interior design projects, since changes to water, sewer, or electric lines may be needed to optimize space.

Interior design projects start with an architectural survey, in which we take the measurements we need to develop plans, such as floor plans; water, sewer, and electrical line plans; elevations; and technical drawings. After the survey, we work with clients to develop a preliminary proposal. 


A preliminary proposal includes:

  • A floor plan of the existing rooms, with indication of measurements and areas;

  • A photographic survey of existing rooms;

  • A floor plan showing the proposed changes to the layout;

  • A floor plan of the rooms after intervention, with indication of measurements and areas;

  • A mood board showing the concept and reference images, based on client input.


In a second phase, if the project fees are accepted, the final project is developed. Each project is developed to meet the specific needs of the client.


Example of interior design projects: All projects that require demolition, construction or changes to electricity or water lines.


Note: Only after the preliminary study is it possible to obtain project cost estimates for the client. Working with our construction partners and other suppliers, we can facilitate estimates for the total value of the works, labor and quantities of material required, as well as an estimate of project duration and implementation.


Cost: Projects are charged according to a budget, based on a forecast of working hours required for their development. The cost of the preliminary study is always charged. If the final project is awarded, the value of the preliminary study will be deducted from the final value.



A decoration project is a plan for an interior design intervention that does not require construction. In a decoration project, only superficial interventions are made to the building, such as painting walls or ceilings, applying wallpaper, installing surface electric raceways to reposition lighting fixtures, and other similar jobs.


For these types of projects, the client must fill out a form with the necessary information so that we can create two decoration proposals. Each proposal is presented as a plan and respective mood board. After the client chooses the version that suits him or her, we develop the final project that includes the elevations, 3D images, and a list of all the materials, furnishings, and decoration we suggest. 

Working with our partners, we can facilitate obtaining cost estimates for he proposed work.


We can consult with clients to make their purchases more efficient and suited to their needs. We help clients choosing what they need to complement or change their living space, for instance advising on materials, colors, fabrics, decorative items or furniture.

This service does not include developing a project.


Example of consulting service: The client wants help choosing a new sofa and wants to know which wallpaper works best for a room.


Cost: This service is charged at our hourly rate. Counseling meetings can be done in person or online through video call.

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